Marcus C. Williams
City Council 2019


Action  For Rochester

Action For Our City
Hi, I'm Marcus Williams. Like you, I love our fair city.

I have been a lifelong resident of our South District and attended #19, James Madison(Middle), and graduated from Wilson Magnet.
 Rochester is great, but, City Hall has forgotten us. The business I operate is in the South District. I grow up in what is now called the Plex neighborhood and in the 19th ward.

Has City Council meet all our needs? Have you seen the amount of progress we deserve? Have we been prepared for the changing job market? Are you satisfied with our schools?

Tired of the corruption and broken promises? Do you Have questions that deserve to be answered?
Join Me in making our South District the best it can be.

November 5th, 2019 Vote Marcus C. Williams

City Hall is out of touch.
It's not time for change; it's time for Some Action! 

No longer can we stand by and let our city go ill prepared for the future, which is now. Foreign and non-local investors are buying up all the homes, raising prices everywhere in the city, pricing us out of our neighborhoods. The Rent increases are out pacing both job growth, and the real pay people make.  City Council, authorizes all the luxury apartments and condos downtown and in the rest of the city. Not to mention, the expensive tax breaks and reckless disregard for our city.
Where is the affordable housing for people who work? Some people work two jobs just to make ends meet and still struggle.
City Council has continued to ignore our needs, wants and concerns. They play at making it look like they are working for Us but it mostly benefits the well to do or their own pockets.

As your Councilman, I will work actively to deliver tangible results you can see. Delivering you real progress through community engagement and not just put bandaids on things, putting them off for the future.

Our future is now. If we do not take absolute action on the things we need now our tomorrow will be less then what we want and nowhere near how we need it to be.

We must take action against consistent and continuous corruption plaguing our city government and ill suited high cost development projects.
We need a school system that works.
We need roads that don't look like craters from the moon every three months.
We want to know how our money is being spent. 
We want better more affordable and reliable mass transit.
We need a person on City Council that will actually listen to us and look out for our interests.

WE need Preparation for the Future, Now!

We need someone who will take the Action that we need.

Your vote for me is a vote to be heard. 


Marcus C.Williams

For South District Council

Be Heard. Take Action for our City.

For the love of Rochester

Actions That We Need and Deserve

Infrastructure Repair

  • Fix The Potholes

  • Make All Yellow Lights the same length

  • Side-Street speed limit updates or speed humps research project for pedestrian and child safety

  • Stop Alternate Side Parking

    • Make Times reasonable or remove during spring and summer

  • Update Communication

    • Free City-Wide True High-Speed Internet. Using and connecting the county's and city's dark fiber network resources to save money and deliver the speed and consistency of citizens need.

      • Deliver speed of up 5 Gbit to all our citizens.

  • Save us money on Energy and move toward self-sufficiency and sustainability.

    • Prevent RG&E overcharging and raising costs.

    • Increase 'renewables' investments and move up our 100% renewable time frame to 2027

    • Decrease downtown road congestion.

Increase Employment Connection

Create a City Funded job website, free to post to for business and free to view for the people. 

Why? For a business, it can cost between $300- $500 to post 1 job to a popular job site.(Ex: Monster) For the people, a centralized location to find any job available in the Rochester or surrounding suburbs without having to struggle through searching nine million places online or running all over. 

This would increase the employment rate and save business money.

Gun Violence

Stem the flow of illegal guns into our community, by way of a special police task force focusing on gun trafficking.

Why? We are not able to put a price on a life. Any reduction in Gun Violence is a win. The police work to bring down violence, and over the years they have. However, there is still too much gun violence in our city.

The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms legally.  Guns not bought legally tarnish the reputation of any true American, when they are used for violence. This is not something we can stand ideally by and just let happen.

 City Development

  • Bring a supermarket to downtown. Make shopping more convenient for citizens.

  • Stop Luxury Housing

  • Luxury Housing moratorium for 5 years

  • Increase Affordable housing

  • Introduce Rent Control to prevent rising rates

Police relations

Police response time is on average above 20 minutes. This is unacceptable and needs improvement. Interaction with the community is low.

One solution is to use some of the vacant lots to create small local response/community communication outposts.

CALLED:  Police BLOCS (Basic Local Officer Community Stations)

  • Small one-two man office with carport and one small toilet

  • A walk in center to report crimes or concerns.

  • Officers can respond to nearby crime

The idea hear would be to create BLOCS that have a very small footprint but can have a large impact.Plus they would be compact and not cost a lot to build out. Another benefit would be as a resource to deter crime and increase community communication and satisfaction.  Based on the idea of Japanese Kōban which are small neighborhood police stations.  

Police Recruitment and Accountability

Thing to reassess

  • Hiring practices

    • Outside Assessment of hiring practices and reassessment of the way in which people are hired/chosen.

    • Great recruitment encouragement from local neighborhood areas

  • Civilian Review board

    • Outside Civilians oversight for police force and discrimination complaints.

      • This should be made up of Civilians, lawyers and a few former/retired police (as consultants)

      • Better Laws specifically for focused towards curbing police abuses

There is always more to do because:

“What Got Use Here, Won’t Get Use There!”

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